Our Facilities

The activity of organizing the movement

Our Packaging and Value Added Services Facilities

Packaging Services Unit also commenced in 1995, focused on activities such as promotional packaging, assembly, labelling, and repackaging items, to name a few. Currently two more dedicated packaging units have been added to our portfolio.

  • The removal of double keying, and ability of all personnel.
  • Ability to customise and personalise all documents.
  • Deep audit tracking of all system and user actions and reducing costs.
  • The result is significantly service, reduction in operating costs .

Cold Chain Storage Warehouse Facility

Caters to storage and inventory management of Food products at temperatures ranging from -25°C to +15°C. The chilled, cool, and frozen storage chambers housed in this warehouse are organized as follows:

  • Chilled at 0°C to +4°C
  • Cool at +12°C to +18°C
  • Frozen at -25°C to -18°

Ambient Storage Warehouse

ambient storage warehouse is located in the sprawling Jebel Ali South Zone – boasting an area for racked storage. With an eye on optimizing the volume of cargo that can be stored in this facility, Expexpress employs the Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) method of racking.

Racked storage allows clients’ goods to be stored securely and in its’ own designated barcoded pallet location. This allows us to use our Warehouse Management System to monitor and track cargo virtually. The electrical forklifts that are instrumental in facilitating cargo movement through the warehouse are guided by wires laid beneath the concrete floors, ensuring they stay on track in the narrow spaces.

An important feature of this facility is a dedicated area lined with gravity flow shelving units – Expexpress uses this area to support our storage clients who also require high volume, fast-paced pick-and-pack activities.

Cold Storage Warehouses

The desert region’s extreme climate necessitates that all food stored in the UAE is stored at a maximum of +25°C, to maintain the integrity of food products for the health of the consumer. Expexpress’s cool food storage facility in Al Quoz South caters to this necessity - housing 3 temperature controlled chambers that keeps clients’ food cargo cool within a range of +15 to +25°C.

With a nod to Expexpress’s expertise in Food Logistics, this temperature controlled food storage facility is specially geared towards the stringent requirements of the Food and Beverage industry in the UAE. Expexpress’s warehouse customer service and operations team members are experienced in the handling food products – they are supported by our Warehouse Management System that monitors important time-sensitive details such as expiry dates and minimum shelf-life requirements of the products in question. This allows Expexpress to help our clients with allocation planning, reducing wastage and saving money.

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